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Looking forward to AAR/SBL 2013

By Alyssa Bender

With a little under one week until American Academy of Religion/Society for Biblical Literature 2013, a lot of us at the Oxford University Press office are getting excited to head to Baltimore. As to what we’re all looking forward to, that varies, from new products, to meeting authors, to food we can’t wait to try. Personally, I can’t wait to find out what the official conference hashtag will actually end up being (#AARSBL? #SBLAAR? #AAR2013? #WOOBALTIMORE??). Read on for what we’re most looking forward to at AAR/SBL 2013, and let us know what you’re looking forward to in the comments.

Oxford’s booth from American Academy of Religion/Society for Biblical Literature 2012. Photo courtesy of Theo Calderara
Oxford’s booth from American Academy of Religion/Society for Biblical Literature 2012. Photo courtesy of Theo Calderara.

Robert Miller, Higher Education:
“I’m excited about the meeting because our Higher Education Group has two major first edition textbooks for some of the core courses in the college Religious Studies curriculum. For the World Religions course we have published Brodd’s Invitation to World Religions. The book is off to a super reception, with people especially praising the way the parallel chapter structure helps students compare religious traditions as well as its emphasis on the lived religious experience. Also, we’re delighted to finally have a new Introduction to the Bible (both the Old Testament and New Testament) by the New York Times best-selling author Bart Ehrman.”

Marcela Maxfield, Academic/Trade:
“This year’s AAR will be my first time going to a conference for work, and I’m excited to experience it. I’m especially looking forward to Baltimore crab cakes.”

Trish Thomas, Journals:
“A visit to the Visionary Art Museum is a must do!”

A superb Assistant Editor, Academic/Trade:
“I’m really looking forward to meeting the authors I work with in person and matching faces to names. Also, it’s always fun to hear about what new projects people are working on, and to talk to new authors about their book proposals. And of course I always enjoy spending twenty minutes helping a grad student track down a monograph that turns out to have been published by Cambridge.”

Alyssa Bender, Academic/Trade and Bibles:
“I love going to conferences—meeting our authors face to face is such a rare occurrence, and as I’ve only met about three of my religion authors in person before, I’m really looking forward to it. This will also be my first conference I’ve attended where we had more than one or two booths (holla, ICMS/AAS/MESA/ASEEES/LSA!) and I’m sure it’ll be crazy at times, but I can’t wait.”

We hope to see you at Oxford University Press booth 829! We’ll be offering the chance to:

  • Check out which books we’re featuring.
  • Browse and buy our new and bestselling titles on display at a 20% conference discount
  • Get free trial access to our suite of online products for a month.
  • Pick up sample copies of our latest religion journals.
  • Enter giveaways for free OUP books.
  • Meet all of us cool people.

See you there!

Alyssa Bender is a marketing associate in the Academic/Trade and Bibles divisions and can’t wait to go to her first AAR.

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