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Jazz, the original cool

clarinetJazz is a genre of music that is rich in history and cultural influences. When you think of jazz music, a massive list of other phenomenal artists may come to mind including Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, and Billie Holiday. In the nineteenth century, the music was birthed from ragtime and evolved into the blues, followed by swing music and jazz, creating genres of music influenced by a myriad of styles and sounds. Today jazz is a musical phenomenon enjoyed by a legion of fans worldwide. Test your knowledge of the history of jazz with these questions compiled from Mervyn Cooke’s The Chronicle of Jazz.

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Dr. Mervyn Cooke is Professor of Music at the University of Nottingham and has published extensively on the history of jazz, film music, and the music of Benjamin Britten. His most recent books include The Chronicle of Jazz, The Cambridge Companion to Jazz, The Hollywood Film Music Reader, The Cambridge Companion to Twentieth-Century Opera and Letters from a Life: The Selected Letters of Benjamin Britten.

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