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Discussing capital markets law

There are many mechanisms for raising capital — debt, derivatives, equity, high yield products, securitization, and repackaging — which fund and drive the economy. But as international financial markets move and shift as the world changes, regulations and legal frameworks must also adapt rapidly. What will sovereign debt look like in the future? Will the European Monetary Union break up? How have boilerplate contract terms changed with new decisions and judgements?

General Editors Jeffrey Golden and Lachlan Burn, and Mitu Gulati, Regional Editor for North America sat down to discuss the Eurozone crisis, what academics and practitioners learn from each other, and the goals and achievements of Capital Markets Law Journal.

On the origin of the Capital Markets Law Journal:

On the future of the Eurozone:

On the Capital Markets Law Journal’s achievements:

On the personal and professional satisfaction of Capital Markets Law Journal’s editors:

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