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An ice cream quiz

By Audrey Ingerson and Stephanie Rothaug

We’ve all heard of the classics: vanilla, chocolate, rocky road, mint chocolate chip. But what about the crazier end of the spectrum? Flavors like cherry blossom, chocolate marshmallow, chorizo caramel, sea salt, chai tea, or cinnamon toast. Perhaps surprising to the average consumer, these are all flavors of ice cream.

Ice cream is particularly relevant this time of year, because the entire month is dedicated to the frozen confection. Did you know that it was a US President who first designated July as National Ice Cream Month? Ronald Reagan set aside the month to honor the sweet treat in 1984. Going even further, he established the third Sunday (sundae?) of July — which this year is the 21st — as National Ice Cream Day.


In honor of the decadent dessert, we’ve created a quiz for you to test your knowledge of all things ice cream, drawing inspiration from The Oxford Companion to Food and Drink in America, 2nd Edition. To get in the right mindset, think about hot fudge sundaes, banana splits, brownie sundaes, root beer floats, and ice cream sandwiches. You might not be getting a visit from the ice cream truck, but this is the next best thing. And once you’re done, treat yourself to a scoop of your favorite — whatever flavor that might be.
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Native of Southern California, Audrey Ingerson is a marketing intern at Oxford University Press and a rising senior at Amherst College. In addition to swimming and pursuing a double English/Psychology major, she fills her time with an unhealthy addiction to crafting and desserts.

Stephanie Rothaug is a publicity intern at Oxford University Press. She is pursuing a double degree in English and Communication at the University of Maryland and a huge lover of desserts, especially ice cream.

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Image credit: Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Tony Amatulli

    Audrey, I don’t know anything about ice cream, but I am sure glad it tastes good.

  2. Riya Dev

    Its good to gather some knowledge about ice cream.

  3. Laura Gray

    The name “Sundae” was in existence long before 1981 (supposedly the correct answer to question #9). Maybe you meant 1881 instead?

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