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The mysteries around Christopher Marlowe

Four hundred and twenty years ago, on Wednesday 30 May 1593, Christopher Marlowe was famously killed under mysterious circumstances at the young age of 29. Test your knowledge on this enigmatic figure of history. Do you know when Marlowe was born? Who killed him and why? Find out answers to these and much more in our quiz. Good luck!

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Answers can be found by using a combination of Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO)’s post “Mysteries around Marlowe” and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography article on Marlowe, free to view until 30 June 2013.

Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO) is a major new publishing initiative from Oxford University Press. The launch content (as at September 2012) includes the complete text of more than 170 scholarly editions of material written between 1485 and 1660, including all of Shakespeare’s plays and the poetry of John Donne, opening up exciting new possibilities for research and comparison. The collection is set to grow into a massive virtual library, ultimately including the entirety of Oxford’s distinguished list of authoritative scholarly editions.

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Image credit: A portrait, supposedly of Christopher Marlowe. 1585. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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