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Aaron Minsky brings us rock cello!

Aaron Minsky is an award-winning composer who has made it his mission to persuade us that bowed stringed instruments (especially the cello) can be extremely effective in popular music. He began his career as a rock guitarist and then went on to study the cello with the finest classical teachers from The Juilliard School and other prestigious establishments. He has performed his works with orchestras around the world and on radio and television. His compositions are truly innovate and mix popular styles with classical techniques to create a unique and exciting musical blend that cellists — especially young cellists — love to play.

Image credit: A screengrab from the Aaon Minsky video. Do not reproduce without permission.

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  1. Louis Marcus

    Been listening to the greats of cello for years.So many now know that the so called greats do not all come from the days of Mozart.We have greats in music nowadays in Minsky.Classical and modern great musicians..Aaaron Minsky is born centuries ago would be in the book next to Chopin Beethoven and others..

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