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Friday procrastination: Webby honoree edition

Thank you to our wonderful contributors, staff, and most of all readers. OUPblog is one of nine 2013 Webby honorees in the ‘Blog – Cultural’ category. I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to be alongside the New Yorker‘s Page-Turner and Perez Hamilton. And further congratulations to the Oxford Islamic Studies Online team or their Religion & Spirituality Websites nomination and the Oxford Music Online team for their Best Writing (Editorial) honor. The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences acknowledges outstanding Webby Awards entries as Official Honorees, alongside their Nominees. With 11,000 entries received from all 50 US states and over 60 countries, the Official Honoree distinction is awarded to the top 15% of all work entered. Honorees are selected for recognition based on excellence in content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity, and overall experience. Now please get out and vote for Oxford Islamic Studies Online!

How your blog editor reacts to Webby honoree news:

Source: gif.tv

Does access to firearms increase likelihood of suicide?

Judging people by the technology terms they use.

Weird words for taxes. *tithe did not make the list

The Riot Grrl collection to be released in book form.

If only Georges Seurat had bubble wrap

Tumbling for good.

How libraries respond to disaster.

An analysis of 90s comedy.

What are the best working hours for doctors?

Occupy Wall Street Library wins suit.

Americans still love libraries.

Can someone make a program so that track changes looks more like this?

Religion versus atheism in package delivery.

Reading-mad Mad Men.

So where do those tuition fees go?

NYPL releases API.

Advice for young graduates: big data is trendy, do that.

British Library to archive the UK web.

Business history is a thing now. [Psst. Young capitalist historians. We publish Enterprise & Society on behalf of the Business History conference.]

Your web friends aren’t your friends.

Typographic sculptures and matchstick men.

Your profile picture and revolution.

Adeline Koh speaks with Duke UP’s Ken Wissoker.

Smoking and the human genome.

What we can learn from medieval scribes.

Commas are rather wonderful when used properly.

Manuscript sleuths alert!

There are no nerds in China.

The British Library’s Curators’ 100.

Testing the hygiene hypothesis.

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