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Friday procrastination: Hurricane Sandy edition

As many of you may have noticed, it’s been a little chaotic in the New York office of Oxford University Press these past two weeks. The MTA and NJTransit have the Flickr streams to prove a photo of a boat on railway tracks is worth a thousand “Service has been suspended until further notice” messages.

Resources if you’d like to help out: Sandy Hates Books, American Red Cross, Brooklyn Recovery Fund, Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, Salvation Army, United Way Sandy Recovery Fund, Amazon’s Sandy registry. GalleyCat, Shelf Awareness, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal have been providing daily updates of people in need and how to help, so check them out too.
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OUP USA Publisher Niko Pfund talks about two books that he acquired and edited at NYU Press on the AAUP blog for their Books That Matter series. It’s a nice reminder for those of us who work in academic publishing why we do what we do.

The New York Times examines the hashtag, one of my favorite aspects of the Internet. #jk #lol #omgseriously

The article that was emailed to everyone in the office because of the following quote: “Any Oxford book of this-or-that is worth getting, though I don’t care much about exploration.”

LJ’s Infodocket has more on MOOCs.

Columbia University Press put together this helpful Storify on the 2012 Charleston Conference.

BBC photos of the Guatemala earthquake (via @OxfordEdGeog).

William Todd Schultz warns against diagnoses in psychobiography.

Dictionary freak-out alert!

I’m considering having dead presidents represent me. Or at least get me coffee.

There’s a Life in Publishing tumblr. I will not admit that it is all true.

And finally, only one person noticed my one-week-without-power-induced grammatical error and she works on our dictionaries.

Leave a comment correcting me and get your virtual #oxfordpoints.

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