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Linked Up: Plastic Bags, Rivers Cuomo, 20-Somethings

If you haven’t already noticed, we now have a TWEET button. Look down. To the left. See it? Yeah. It’s awesome. Use it well.

Here are some other items I obsessed over this week.

In Mexico City, that plastic bag could get you a $90,000 fine, jail time. [BBC]

They call it the Snazzy Napper, but it’s more like the Snazzy You’re-about-to-have-your-purse-stolen-while-looking-ridiculous-er. [Urlesque]

Feel estranged from your friends who use Twitter? [GeekandPoke]

See kids? Sophomore Chemistry wasn’t a total waste of time. [FailBlog]

This song would be OK, but it features Rivers Cuomo, so that makes it awesome. [YouTube]

It’s almost time for school, so let’s make sure we all know how to write absurd, incoherent academic sentences. [UChicago]

This is a photo of our President being silly. [DailyWhat]

Could you live in these teeny tiny homes? [MNN]

They made an ice cream-serving robot. So, that’s that. [Eater]

20-Somethings. Sigh. [NYTimes]

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  1. Anonymous

    Twitter Trackbacks…

  2. Aaron Rogers

    I had a tendency to overtweet when I first set mine up, so much so I had to delete everything in my account to make it look more professional.

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