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A Fat Talk Free Diet

It’s is nice writing this post knowing that most of our readers have no idea what I look like.  Please set aside your assumptions about my size, it is irrelevant.  Instead, take a look at yourself.  Are you satisfied?  Most studies say that a majority of women are not happy with the way they look- and that the repercussions from this lack of self-acceptance are serious.

But I’m not here to preach.  I was a pudgy little kid, my preferred description is “pleasantly plump,” and while puberty slimmed me out I still remember the trauma of a family friend coming up to me at my high school graduation party (which was 80’s themed and had me decked out in spandex) to tell me that he was so proud of how slim I’d gotten.  He was likely trying to give me a compliment but my fragile ego interpreted it as an insult.  Similarly, I remember my college graduation when a family member pulled me aside to tell me I looked too slim and that they were concerned.  I took it as a compliment.  Crazy right?

My point here is that we all have our self-image issues.  Luckily, mine faded with time.  I don’t own a scale and I know I eat a healthy diet so I figure there isn’t all that much to worry about.  In celebration of Fat Talk Free Week perhaps we should all consider holding our tongue when giving a compliment, complaining about our weight or simply comparing ourselves to others.  Instead of talking diets with your girlfriends consider talking about exercise, or the upcoming election or the amazing book you just finished reading.

Take a moment to check out the “Fat Talk Free Week” website sponsored by Delta Delta Delta, Seventeen Magazine, NOW, NEDA, and AED and be sure to watch their video which drives the point home.

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  1. cbbrown

    Hope I wasn’t the relative.

  2. Steve Riddell

    Having read the above post I have to make a few comments. Yes, I was considerably overweight. Six foot three inches tall and 270lbs!! Trust me, I know how it feels to be overweight!
    The point that none of us need to overlook are the psychological reasons for being overweight. A large proportion of us overweight ‘Mr Blobby’ types suffer from emotional eating. It becomes a downward spiral which very quickly becomes out of control.
    My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer when our son was 6 weeks old. I did not deal with it particularly well. I did not talk to those who were there to support me. I bottled up all my emotions, choosing instead to focusing all my energy in supporting my wife. Problem was, the emotions had to show themselves somewhere, somehow. For me it was comfort eating. I ate down my emotions with vigour! Sooner or later the day arrives when you look in the mirror and acknowledge your own creation. At that point logic would dictate that we would take immediate action to rectify the situation. However, the brain has other ideas. We look, we acknowledge and then our self esteem hits an all time low. The feeling of self loathing is so high that the emotional response to the realisation is to EAT MORE. Yes, that’s right. Lets just eat down those emotions yet again. Before we know it the downward spiral progresses until the situation is totally out of control.
    Some 18 months after the death of my wife, I decided it may be nice to date again. Huge step!! Then I looked in the only mirror left in the house and asked myself the question. “who would date this guy I could see in the mirror?” Here at last I found a motivation to change.
    I discovered the Lifestyle Diet. http://www.lifestyle-diet.co.uk. I am featured in on the success stories page. I have nothing but praise for this organisation. I would urge anyone inspired to do something different to visit the website. No gimmicks, no food or drink supplements. Just lots of common sense and an excellent diet plan. The support is exceptional and the interactive Forum is a useful way to share experiences with other members and stay motivated.
    Take a look. It’s a breath of fresh air!!


  3. Caitlin Lauren

    I have given 3 of my barely touched exercise machines to my friend after hearing her complain for months. I think her problem is the camera is making her look too fat.

    Funnily you can buy the slimming cameras. However its great to talk about things that are not about food and fat

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