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Rebecca OUP-US

We have a lot of debate at OUP about the type of web presence authors should have. There is no definitive answer, since the web is still one big experiment, but over at the Penguin UK blog, Colin Brush has taken a serious look at the issues.

Which makes me wonder, what author blogs do you read?

Colin’s piece also points to a link which will tell you what Dickens character you are, apparently I am Esther Summerson (which makes me happy because I love Bleak House.) Who are you?

Esther Summerson, from the book Bleak House. You are the nicest person EVER! You have so many friends because you treat everyone with respect. You’re also very idealistic and root for the underdog, which is ironic because you’re mother is a Lady and super rich. You have many admirers but you don’t seem to notice becuase you don’t have very high self esteem. You end up marrying the honey of your dreams, Allan Woodcourt, who’s a doctor! You go girl!

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  1. Tom Morris

    I’m not so sure that I’d read author blogs, but I do read the blogs of people I find interesting – and if those people write books, I am more likely to buy/borrow them. This is true both for academic subjects (philosophy, for instance, where I follow the blog of people like Brian Leiter, whose books I always pick up when they become available in my university’s library) and for other non-fiction too. I’m not sure about fiction, though. Different kettle of fish.

  2. […] But apparently blogs are recommended. Or at least recommended when the book is written. The Penguin Blog offered some advice recently. And they break it down to four basic guidelines. (Hat tip to OUP Blog.) […]

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