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C’mon, Mr. Capote. Tell us what you really think.

Even today, Truman Capote remains one of America’s most controversial authors. Following early literary success, his flamboyant lifestyle was well-documented. When criticized about his behavior at the many parties and restaurants he frequented, he often responded that he was researching his next book. Capote was a social celebrity, to be sure, and may have had just as many strong opinions about other people, as they had about him.

In the quiz below, you’ll find a series of quotes from Truman Capote (left). Try your luck at pairing them up with the people listed (right). Answers at the bottom.

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1. – e | 2. – j | 3. – c | 4. – f | 5. – a | 6. – h | 7. – g | 8. – d | 9. – b | 10. – i


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