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There are no aliens… at least officially

“There are no aliens, officially, at least….” Elon Musk, writing on his Twitter account, is one of a number of smart technopreneurs who considers that if there is extraterrestrial life, it would most likely already be observing us, and, it will be technological. Artist and singer David Bowie came to a similar conclusion years ago, stating that the internet is an alien life form, and technology is not something we just use, but something with which we are intricately connected. Philosopher Susan Schneider spoke to NASA about her essay “Alien Minds,” and told them that alien minds would most likely resemble our best technology. As Musk says, “Digital Super Intelligence will be like an alien.”

My own research among the technopreneurs of Silicon Valley reveals a similar way of understanding possible alien life. The idea is that since humans are already being spliced with technology, that is, we are already cyborg-like, a more advanced civilization will likely be completely technological, or technological in a way we don’t yet understand. Gaming expert Rizwan Virk at MIT notes that media technologies, particularly immersive realities, generate “memories within the minds of consumers. Neuroscience confirms this, too, that the more we interface with our media technologies, the more our worlds become co-implicated. If human-technology interfaces are shaping what people remember and what they believe, they are also shaping culture, history, and the future. Contemporary humans are cyborg-like techno-beings, immersed within a sea of invisible technology in the form of frequencies, waves, and radiation. Dreams of going off the grid are just that, dreams. The idea of these scientists is that as humans advance they merge more and more with their technologies. If there were a very advanced civilization, its members may very well be a form of technology.

Where, then, are the aliens? Virk suggests we aren’t looking in the right places. Technopreneurs from Jacques Vallee to Virk suggest that we should use our own understanding of technology, which arguably is the apex of human knowledge, to try to understand how alien communication or contact would work. Virk states, “Another explanation is that we don’t have the right tools to see them or aren’t scanning the right frequencies. A recent article in MIT Technology Review went over the parameters that a search for extraterrestrial intelligence would need and found that there were 8 dimensions that need to be searched, and the searches to date have been done on only one fraction of one of these dimensions. Among the biotechnologists I interviewed recently, several believed that humans possessed a biological sensor to contact possible alien, or even future, civilizations. Not surprisingly, these scientists prefer to remain anonymous with respect to this belief, but told me that their data reveals that human beings, and our internal worlds, might provide answers to possible extraterrestrial worlds. “Our human bodies and DNA are naturally designed to be a human receiver and transmitter, and strangely run at similar frequencies as communication technology we’ve put into outer space,” said one.

Technological advancement naturally influences beliefs in transcendence, including possible contact with other worlds.

Featured image credit: Cold future photo by Alessio Ferretti. Public domain via Unsplash


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  1. w p

    A professor of religious studies chooses above to quote biotechnologists who believe humans possess a sensor to contact alien, or future civilizations.

    The professor should fact check this belief by asking authorities in the relevant fields of biology and medicine what they think about it.

  2. DP

    I am the author. I did fact check. These are scientists at the top five universities. Read carefully. The scientists are identifying the capacity of the human brain to access information that is not traditionally obtained. They suggest that these people should be recruited for space exploration. That is all. No other claims are made.

  3. w p

    Neither your blog nor your comment provide
    enough detail for me to give any credence to the claims in them.

    I am not adding this comment to ask for details.
    There may not be sufficient space.
    I have no interest in mere belief.

  4. steve kerensky

    What puzzles many people is why we waste £billions on exploring Outer Space, as it used to be called.
    What is the likelihood people will be able to colonize another planet. If the “water” isn`t contaminated with heavy metals, what is the future for education, hospitals and drug companies? Where will people go for their holidays? What about the benevolent influence af Nature?
    Most of all, shouldn`t we shut up? What are the chances that we held to be “The most pernicious race of odious little vermin that Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the face of [the Earth] a planet ” King of Brobdingnag to Gulliver on hearing his paen of praise to gunpowder. Might advanced being decide we`re only fit to be farmed for cheap and quite tasty food?

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  7. Marce

    Hay una irrefutable cantidad de evidencias sobre un contacto real con seres superiores que nos vigilan que no puede ser negado.
    Decir que puede ser una inteligencia artificial es suponer algo improbable. Lo que si se puede probar es que venimos de otro lugar y ahí volvemos. Y que continuamente estamos en contacto. 🤔👏
    Lindo artículo 👌

  8. Jon Goodman

    UFOs and Aliens do exist. But there is a huge misconception about what they are. They are actually demonic beings that have no soul. And their intentions towards humans are not good. Of course, there may be other aliens that are friendly, but going on how many species are not, it would be wise to proceed with caution.

    You won’t hear this information from the UFO “industry”, and I’ll tell you why. The UFO industry makes big money. They must hide the truth and keep selling the lie. I’ll leave it at that. You get the idea. And Musk is a closet satanist. Thanks and God Bless.

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