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Tips for Surviving and Thriving During the Foundation Programme

As the new university year begins, many newly-qualified trainee doctors will have already started their training for The Foundation Programme. The UK Foundation Programme (FP) is a two-year standard training programme, established in 2005, for all UK trainee doctors which builds upon medical school training with the generic skills and capabilities needed during specialty training.

The Foundation Programme ensures that newly qualified doctors can advance their clinical and professional skills in a practical workplace environment, dealing with common and rare clinical situations across the specialties to effectively prepare for their core, specialty, or general practice training. Ultimately, it aims to guarantee that all doctors can deliver safe and effective patient care and aspire to excellence in their professional development, in accordance with GMC guidance. 

Naturally it’s both an exciting and daunting time for newly qualified doctors, so we’ve created an interactive factsheet outlining the top tips and tricks from the latest edition of the Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme that you’ll need to excel during this vital time in your career and make the most out of your foundation years. 

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