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Which reptile are you? [quiz]

Reptiles are often seen as cold, creepy creatures, whose characteristics are applied negatively in popular culture. Despite this low opinion of this class of animals, their extinct ancestors are some of the best known animals in the world and continue to fascinate kids and adults alike. Reptiles have inspired some of the most recognizable characters in popular fiction including the gold-hoarding Smaug, the iconic dragon trio from Game of Thrones, and the mascot of Hogwarts’ most infamous house, Slytherin.

The earliest reptile originated between 310 and 320 million years ago during the Carboniferous period. Over time, early reptiles evolved to become more dominant in their environments, leading to what is commonly known as the “Age of Reptiles” during the Mesozoic era. Most of the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and ichthyosaurs became extinct before the end of the era.

In the periods following, these lifeforms have become smaller, to better adapt to their changing environments, and took on the features we associate with this class today. Reptiles are distinguished from other vertebrates by having a dry scaly skin and by typically laying soft-shelled eggs on land. Their physiognomies have let reptiles navigate the Earth for millions of years. Are there any traits that homo sapiens have adopted to improve our survival rate? Can these be traced back in our personalities today?

How do your personality traits match up to those of our reptilian comrades? Find out which reptile you most closely resemble!

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Featured image credit: Dinosaur by roseteamhomes. Public domain via Pixabay.  

Quiz background image credit: Skin by sipa. Public domain via Pixabay.  

Quiz outcome image credits: ‘Grass snake’ by Huskyherz. Public domain via Pixabay. ‘Turtle’ by Skitterphoto. Public domain via Pixabay. ‘Crocodile’ by skeeze. Public domain via Pixabay. ‘Reptile’ by Pixel-mixer. Public domain via Pixabay. ‘Chameleon’ by Pixel-mixer. Public domain via Pixabay.  

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