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How well do you know film noir?

In Hollywood Aesthetic: Pleasure in American Cinema, film studies professor Todd Berliner explains how Hollywood delivers aesthetic pleasure to mass audiences. The following quiz is based on information found in chapter 8, “Crime Films during the Period of the Production Code Administration.” The chapter shows how the ideological constraints of the Motion Picture Production Code shaped the aesthetic properties of an entire body of crime films of the studio-era in Hollywood, a set of films now commonly known as film noir.


Quiz image: Bogart and Bacall in The Big Sleep. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

Featured image: Jane Greer and Robert Mitchum in Out of the Past. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

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  1. jb

    the quiz does not work for me in any browser.

  2. Artur Vakhrameev

    Dear Oxfordians, would you supply me with a reference to any sociological survey or poll concerning the topic ‘Film Noir’? Preferably simple as ‘How many asked people do know what Film noir is? Do they have any suggestions?”. I need it for my academic paper as a just small reference (not big research). Thanks!

  3. LizB

    YAY I got 100%

  4. Scott Davis

    Does anyone know the title of a Film that has a scene portraying what appears to be a burnt out room with water flowing down the wall and a stove on fire?

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