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How much do you know about al‐Kindī? [quiz]

This October, the OUP Philosophy team honors al-Kindī (c. 800-870) as their Philosopher of the Month. Known as the “first philosopher of the Arabs,” al-Kindī was one of the most important mathematicians, physicians, astronomers and philosophers of his time.

How much do you know about al-Kindī? Test your knowledge of this celebrated Arab philosopher with our quiz!

[qzzr quiz=”276621″ width=”100%” height=”auto” redirect=”true” offset=”0″]

Featured image: photo by معتز توفيق اغبارية. CC-BY-4.0 via Wikimedia Commons. 

Quiz image: Featured image: Iranian glazed ceramic tile work, from the ceiling of the Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz, Iran. Province of Fars. Photo by Pentocelo. CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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