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Alice Northover has been a phenomenal editor of the OUPblog ever since she took over in January 2012. She has overseen a major redesign, navigated us through a series of Chinese botnet attacks, and grown our traffic by more than 1000%. I have some very big shoes to fill.

The OUPblog celebrated its tenth anniversary last summer and has gone from strength to strength over the course of the last decade. In order to help the blog continue to flourish, our focus will be on expanding our community and growing our discipline specific content. Most of all, we will endeavor to inform and entertain you, the regular reader, as you are what makes the OUPblog so special.

I have been deputy editor of the OUPblog since 2014. Before becoming an editor, I was involved with the blog as both an avid reader and regular contributor from the Publicity department at Oxford University Press. Writing about children’s literature, tennis, and zombies was always a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon. My favourite thing about the OUPblog, both as an editor and a reader, is the diversity of content we publish. I can learn a new philosophical concept, a fact from American history, and a new word all in the same day. This is perfect for anyone who, like me, wants to sound like they know more about something than they actually do!

If you wanted to discover how to curry favour with me, or what I think about book-to-movie adaptations, you certainly can do. It won’t just be me looking after the articles on the OUPblog though. We still have Yasmin, Elizabeth, and Priscilla as our immensely talented deputy editors.

The OUPblog editorial team are going to miss Alice and we wish her every success for the future. We also appreciate the excellent work that Becca Ford, Lauren Appelwick, Kirsty Doole, and Nicola Burton did in getting the blog off the ground. Without Alice and the founding editors, the OUPblog would not be able to consistently deliver “academic insights for the thinking world”.

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