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University Press Week blog tour round-up (Friday)

What is the future of academic publishing? We’re celebrating University Press Week (8-14 November 2015) and Academic Book Week (9-16 November) with a series of blog posts on scholarly publishing from staff and partner presses. Here’s a quick round-up of topics discussed on the University Press Week blog tour on Friday.

For the last few years, the AAUP has organized a University Press blog tour to allow readers to discover the best of university press publishing. On Friday, their theme was “University Presses in Conversation with Authors” featuring interviews with authors on publishing with a university press, writing, and other authorial concerns.

Why publish with a University Press? Eric Tang, author of Unsettled, reveals why Temple University Press was a great home for his work.

Speaking of translators, won’t this be expensive? Yes. Christine Dunbar discusses the Russian Library series with Columbia University Press.

Poetry and being alone. University of Virginia Press speaks with poets Tiana Clark and Emily Vizzo.

Galvanizing and sustaining. Beacon Press Executive Editor Gayatri Patnaik interviews Jeanne Theoharis, author of The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks.

Let’s talk Scandal. University of Illinois Press interviews Feminist Media Studies series editor Carol Stabile.

An accidental discovery leading to new information about Civil War-era chemical weapons. SIU Press intern and SIU MFA-in-poetry candidate Kirk Schlueter interviewed Guy R. Hasegawa about his new book, Villainous Compounds.

“no one writes letters any more” University of Kansas Press interviews Lisa Silvestri, author of Friended at the Front.

From tens of thousands of images to 500. Oregon State University Press speaks with Larry Landis, author of A School for the People: A Photographic History of Oregon State University.

You have to be patient. Dr Jon Hogg, Senior Lecturer at the Department of History, University of Liverpool, talks to Alison Welsby, Editorial Director at Liverpool University Press about a forthcoming Open Access e-textbook, Using Primary Sources.

Just Food. University of Toronto Press spoke with Galya Hildesheimer and Hemda Gur-Arie, authors of “Just Modeling?: The Modeling Industry, Eating Disorders, and the Law” about their article, their experience publishing it with IJFAB, and how their research fits into the wider study of feminist bioethics.

Featured image: Suché skály, Česká republika. Photo by Jakub Sejkora. CC0 via Pixabay.

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