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How well do you know Anthony Trollope?

Next week, 24 April 2015 marks the bicentenary of one of Britain’s great novelists, Anthony Trollope. He was an extremely prolific writer, producing 47 novels, as well as a great deal of non-fiction, in his lifetime. He also worked for the Post Office, and introduced the pillar box to Britain. So, do you think you know Anthony Trollope? Test your knowledge with our Trollope bicentenary quiz.

Image credits: (1) Quiz Background: Anthony Trollope by Frederick Waddy. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons (2) Featured image: Classical writing © Creativeye99, via iStock

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  1. Mary Elizabeth Harvey

    I think The Three Clerks is sadly neglected as Trollope’s greatest written portrait of family life. In particular, he reveals a deep sympathy and understanding of women’s strengths and tenderness. Surprises me again and again.

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