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Introducing the new OUPblog

Loyal readers will have noticed a few changes to the OUPblog over the past week. Every few years, we redesign the OUPblog as technology changes and the needs of our editors and readers evolve. We have retired the design we have been using since 2010 and updated the OUPblog to a fresh look and feel.


Our top priority has been making the OUPblog easier to navigate. We have streamlined many of the links and widgets that you see — and the processes that you don’t see — so that it is more straightforward to scroll through and click. We have shifted to a responsive design, so that the OUPblog is effortless to view on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Our blog is now more closely aligned with other Oxford University Press websites so you will have a consistent experience moving from one site to the next. We have tested to ensure the website appears properly on different browsers and devices. (If you are having problems, please update to the latest version of your browser.)


We are still working out a few kinks from this initial launch, and we will continue to update the blog, our RSS feeds, and e-newletters over the coming months and years as technology and readership evolves.

What hasn’t changed? We will continue to publish the same quality scholarship from authors, editors, and academics around the globe.

Thank you to our designers and developers at Electric Studio, and the invaluable input from staff at Oxford University Press. We welcome feedback from our readers on the design and hope to integrate your suggestions in future. Please leave a comment below.

Thank you!

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