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Bowersock and OUP from 1965 to 2013

Earlier this year, Oxford University Press (OUP) published The Throne of Adulis by G.W. Bowersock as part of Oxford’s Emblems of Antiquity Series, commissioned by editor Stefan Vranka from our New York office. It was especially thrilling that Professor Bowersock agreed to write a volume as it represents a homecoming of sorts for the noted classics scholar, who began his publishing career with OUP in 1965 with the monograph Augustus and the Greek World. In the video and slideshow below, we present reflections on changes in scholarly publishing through Professor Bowersock’s unique experience.

G.W. Bowersock on publishing in 1965:

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  1. Abraham

    To the author Adulis never been port of Ethiopia but that is what you wrote see bottom. Are you speaking about current Ethiopia or the original Ethiopia which is south of Egypt and east of Nile. River, at the time of axumite kingdoms there was no country called Ethiopia, the current Ethiopia just came 100 years ago.it use to be Abyssinia. By the way I am Eritrean. Below you see is wrote by the author.
    What were the Red Sea Wars?
    An inscribed marble throne at the Ethiopian port of Adulis offers us a rare window into the fateful events comprising what has come to be known as the âRed Sea Wars.â

    Posted on August 17, 2013

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