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Friday procrastination: the month of May edition

It’s been several weeks since our last procrastination round-up, so I hope you enjoy this mega-link list. (I’ve cut it down.)

Tom Chatfield picks the most interesting neologisms drawn from the digital world.

Is your PhD a waste of time?

Editors hate the passive voice.

Make sure you have a strong argument.

You should follow Jo the Librarian on Tumblr.

Who doesn’t love Kierkegaard? Daphne Hampson does.

The Navajo Nation’s first poet laureate. (h/t The Millions)

Fight Nazis and save art.

Duke has beautiful pics of Brazilian musicians.

The National Archives presents history with facts alone.

Keith Arnatt’s selfies.

Cannibalism in Jamestown.

Across the MOOC universe.

Transformative works and the law.

What’s the difference between the Library of Congress and the National Archives?

The origins of the (75 this year!) man of steel.

The advantages of paper.

Riverboat libraries.

Talk like a 15,000-year-old adult.

North American English dialects.

Why women leave academia.

The cost of using and running archives.

We have been stripping phytonutrients from our diet since we stopped foraging for wild plants some 10,000 years ago and became farmers.

Jonathon Green and Jack Kerouac get stoned.

Putting passion back into your academic writing.

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