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Friday procrastination: Rain on the sun edition

OUP author Jason Mittell is understandably proud of his student’s excellent video.

March Madness begins. We’ll be starting our own on the OUPblog and OxfordWords soon, but check out one for the papacy and of course Tournament of Books.

American Revolutionary art Internet-ed.

The relationships between language and thought.

Kipling wants you to back off okay?

Philosopher Julian Baggini is burning his Britannicas.

I want to be Belle da Costa Greene.

I’m changing the way I walk to work to catch Bergdorf Goodman’s Literary Windows.

The Chicago History Museum is on Tumblr and our author Lydia Carr works there.

Breakfast reveals your true character. (So what does Bagel Fridays reveal about our New York office workers?)

University of Iowa’s medieval manuscripts are in the public domain.

The fight to save Iraq’s National Library.

Lady detectives of the 1940s + music = awesome.

What happened to all the aristocratic pets during the French Revolution?

How to destroy your nation’s heritage.

When universities go global — at what cost?

The National Archives is opening the door even wider.

What is the role of scholarly societies for young researchers?

The White House under renovation in the 1950s.

A Reddit AMA with Jane Friedman for those with aspirations.

Could the ancient Romans have built a computer and did the Vikings have magic crystals?

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