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What does the future hold for international arbitration?

How can we outline the discussion on the law and practice of international arbitration? What is the legal process for the drafting of the arbitration agreements or the enforcement of arbitral awards? Long-time international arbitrators Constantine Partasides, Alan Redfern, and Martin Hunters — co-authors of Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration: Fifth Edition with Nigel Blackaby — sat down with the OUPblog to discuss the latest developments in their field. Watch the following videos to learn more about current views on international arbitration and what changes they expect to see in the future.

How did the idea of writing a book come about?

What challenges are arbitrators facing now?

How do you view the future of international commercial arbitration? 

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  1. Jordan Fogal

    Arbitration is won by the one with the most money and the one that will be a repeat customer for the arbitrator. In the US arbitration is used as a threat or slap suit for daring to speak out against unethical and illegal behavior. One who has not been forced into arbitration has no clue about this process. The rules of law do not applying there is no appeal. Go to my website and read my testimony to the congressional hearing. Koran Fogal HoustonTX

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