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Friday procrastination: Tumbled edition

Another week, another delayed Friday procrastination. Last week I was rumbled in the demands to tumble — that is, Oxford University Press’s academic division has a shiny new Tumblr. For those of you in publishing and not on Tumblr, the inordinately helpful Rachel Fershleiser gave a presentation on Tumblr tips earlier this week. So without further ado…

Did you know CPR only works 8% of the time?

The best minds of a generation captured in photographs.

Tips for mobile (phone) photographers.

Academic job-hunting for the position you want.

A museum for American writers!

What is the price we put on higher education, and what is the value?

10 things about being an artist that art teachers don’t tell you.

Social media for academia from sociologist Deborah Lupton.

People in the office very kindly don’t shout at me when I verbify, but merely look puzzled.

The Ransom Center examines why Knopf has such a rich Latin American publishing program history.

Filing away research results — for better or worse?

MOOCs aren’t perfect.

Our music editors and writers are very upset by this advice.

New reality show idea: academic book proposals. (h/t Duke UP)

Graduate students and social media.

Things that get medievalists angry: any explanation of the bubonic plague. (There are a lot of arguments, counter-arguments, stuff Renaissance scholars just make up to make themselves look good, etc.)

Not sure if we mentioned this before, but world’s largest archive of natural sounds.

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