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Friday procrastination: it’s 2013 edition

People gradually returned to the office this week, but this year in linking goes off with a bang. We have strong showing from Berfrois and Inside Higher Ed to begin. I’m finally getting sick of the 2012 listicles (and I really like those year-end lists). And videos! But first, here’s a picture of some of the books OUPblog received last year despite the fact that we don’t review books on the blog.

Jordan Fraade points out what ‘useful’ degrees advocates of STEM degrees have. (h/t Jessica Pellien)

Physicists explore the rise and fall of words.

Trojan-horse therapy ‘completely eliminates’ cancer in mice.

Art Basel Miami Beach exhibit “Moving the Still” has some awesome GIFs.

The social evolution of the electronic scholarly edition. (h/t @ColumbiaUP)

What books do international writers recommend?

How to organize all the books for 2013.

Christian Dior was the first to name the early evening frock a “cocktail” dress in the late 1940s.
*Update 07 Jan 2013: An OED editor points out ‘cocktail dress’ has a citation from 1935.

Boilerplate contracts undermine rights people are entitled to by requiring that one party to an agreement give up its legal remedies.

Will Self wrote the ODNB entry for J.G. Ballard.

Travel + Leisure pick their favorite American bookshops. (h/t Knopf)

We had a blog post about alcohol and few people read it. Hmmm.

How to make librarians extremely happy: cat tote bags.

The category of video games known as ‘dating sims’.

Preschool teachers are the Rodney Dangerfields of the teaching profession. (h/t Purdy)

Library Journal listicles: Top Academic Posts of 2012, Year in Review: Top Articles of 2012 (Plus a Free Ebook), Top Digital Shift Posts of 2012, Top 10 LJ infoDOCKET Posts of 2012, and Top LJ Reviews Posts of 2012.

What happens if the bookcases ever become sentient?

Les Mis emoticoned.

Why we love Falstaff.

This Sebastian Barry reading will make you go read Dubliners again.

Poetry + Paris = instant addition to this list.

Academics and communication with the outside world.

How fast could you travel across the U.S. in the 1800s? (h/t Berfrois)

A guide to writing good abstracts. (h/t @annbot)

Why I can’t copyedit my way out of a paper bag.

You have no choice about what Oxford books you read.

For those at AHA, there are jobs for historians! (h/t @ColumbiaUP)

In other academic job market news, more foreign language jobs. (h/t @ColumbiaUP)

And check out the Twitter stream of the American Dialect Society from their Word of the Year nominations last night. I’ll leave someone else to do the storifying.

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