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Slang evolution = lush

Slang is a subject that provokes strong emotions. If you use slang, you run the risk of being judged crass, uneducated, stupid, or hopelessly out of date, but the rewards are great. Used correctly, slang will ease your entry into the social circles you want to mix in, increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex, and even save your life. In these videos, The Life of Slang author Julie Coleman tells us how – and how fast – slang can spread from one side of the globe to another, and gives us 26 ways of saying ‘groovy’.

And while we’re at it, we’d love to hear how you use slang. Take our survey and you could win an Apple iPod and a signed copy of The Life of Slang. Now that’s top banana!

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  1. […] at the University of Leicester. Her Life of Slang was published in the US by OUP in May 2012. Watch Julie Coleman’s previous video interviews. Dates and definitions in this article are from the Oxford English Dictionary and Green’s […]

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