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Linked Up: holiday special

If you’ve got a few hours to while away in the office before you head off on your holidays, here’s a festive treat for you: a veritable selection of merry internet treasures. Season’s greetings to one and all!

The worst nativity scenes you’ve ever seen (or best, if you like marzipan and bacon). [Why Is Marko]

All I want for Christmas is this man dancing for me. Get your iPod on. [YouTube]

Still need presents for everyone, from your gran to your brother to your dog? Get the whole family a MATCHING SET OF PYJAMAS. [Pajamagram]

Ah yes, dancing cabin crew taking their job so-ho-ho seriously. [Telegraph]

Not necessarily Dashers after all: eight reindeers-a-racing at Kempton Park racecourse. [Sky News]

What’s for dessert? A 111 year old Christmas pudding, apparently. [The Sun]

Ever desperately desired a Christmas tree infographic? Don’t say we don’t treat you… [Infographics Showcase]

It’s Dominic the Donkey: an alternative selection of Christmas songs. [AOL Radio]

Were you a child of the 90s? Bet your Christmas list looked like this. [Buzzfeed]

And last but by no means least: how to wrap a cat for Christmas. [Buzzfeed]

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