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Linked Up: BlackBerry, Toilet 2.0, and vintage Bill Gates

I have no qualms in admitting that this Linked Up post is entirely inspired by the clip I found this week of Bill Gates, circa 1994, demonstrating his circus skills. How can I get this on OUPblog, I wondered to myself? I know; let’s have a TECHNOLOGY LINKED UP SPECIAL.

So here’s the vintage footage of Bill Gates, proving that he CAN jump over a chair…

And here’s the best of the rest in the world of technology this week.

BlackBerry blackout: some of the funniest tweets so far. [Mashable]

One in 10 leave internet passwords in their will. [Sky News]

Could Thomas Crapper ever have predicted ‘Toilet 2.0’? [Humans Invent]

When we asked for a lean font, we meant italics, not back bacon. [Trendhunter]

Whatever happened to ChatRoulette? Four interesting uses of the webcam site. [ShinyShiny]

Chop Idol: retro video-game-style chopping boards[Domestic Sluttery]

University of Oxford develops the ultimate Knightrider – minus the Hoff. [Daily Mail]

Need a Hallow’een costume and got $4000 spare? This ought to do the trick. [TechCrunch]

INFOGRAPHIC in memoriam: The life and times of Steve Jobs [Infographic World]

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