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Linked Up: Epic photos, koalas, Richard Dreyfuss

I was writing a short introduction about how summer has finally come to New York, and how lovely it’s been, but I went to a meeting and by the time I came back to this post, it was raining. At least I have my links.

Is this the best job title ever? You decide.

This Indian village has been renamed “snapdeal.com.” Yes, really.

Quora users try to answer the question, What’s the most epic photo ever taken? (Warning: some images are graphic in nature.)

Open Culture shares some “cultural goodies” from their Twitter stream.

Time reports some upsetting news about koalas.

This is a 2-year-old recounting Jack & the Beanstalk.

This is Richard Dreyfuss reading the iTunes end user license agreement.

Is it wrong to use a dictionary in the courtroom?

“A House Made from Bookshelves Is So Much Better Than a House Made from E-Books”

New Yorkers and tourists can rest easy, they’ve finally fixed the Metronome clock in Union Square

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