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Linked Up: April Foolery, Escaped Cobra, Peanuts

DISCLAIMER: None of these links are in the spirit of April Fools, so worry not. You’re not going to click anything that will cause a startling pop-up or download something you don’t want on your computer. We wouldn’t do that to you. (Or would we?) (No, we would not.)

This machine is running on magic. [Urlesque]

I’m not much of a cats-on-the-internet person, but you have to see this. [Next Web]

10 stories that could be April Fools Pranks, but aren’t. [BBC]

Here’s a breakdown of April Fools jokes you might fall for today. [TechCrunch]

Have a lot of reading to do? Then learn to speed read. [Column 5]

The escaped Bronx Zoo cobra’s twitter? It was great while it lasted. [City Room]

When pop-ups attack: Muppets edition [YouTube]

Who says twins don’t have a secret language? [YouTube]

Time Magazine has a new photo feature, LightBox. [Time]

This kid can pop-and-lock like…someone who is very talented at it. [Daily What]

The existential despair of Peanuts cartoons when you excise the last panel. [3eanuts]

Take a mental vacation to the Sistine Chapel. [Vatican]

This is terrifying, but also incredible. [Sebmontaz]

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