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“I dressed like a farmer.”

This week we went to the Berg Fashion Library launch event at the New York Public Library where the talented Ada Calhoun spoke about using Berg for her own fashion research. She co-authored Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making it Work and is now working on another book with Tim Gunn, the forthcoming Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible.

We had the chance to speak with Ada after the event about 90s fashion (her blog 90swoman is sweet) and shopping for costumes with her son:

Fun Facts We Learned about Fashion from Ada & Berg:

-Sometimes the past is better left in the past – that means you ill-fitting flannel shirt.

-The most common designer Project Runway applicants list as their inspiration is Chanel – spelled Channel.

-Ballet inspired fashion is coming soon – thank you Black Swan!

-The “f-word” also refers to fashion – courtesy Valerie Steele.

-When discussing your fashion thesis with academics, make sure they know you’re not talking about a fascism thesis (again courtesy Valerie Steele).

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