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Five dresses for Kate

The Royal Wedding is days away and every detail – from the regal breakfast to the honeymoon – is under scrutiny. But we think there’s only one thing that really matters: the dress. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to select a few options for Miss Kate. In the off-chance she turns us down, we’ve paired up other celebrity brides-to-be with these charming gowns. Pictures and historical facts courtesy of The Berg Fashion Library.

Artist/Maker: Emenson, ca. 1970
We hope that “Kate the Great” soars in her new role as princess, and she literally can, with these wing-like sleeves and a 188 cm long cape, eh train, 188 cm long train.

Back-up celebrity: If Kate vetos, we recommend this one for Natalie Portman (she was after all, a much better white swan).

Artist/Maker: Created for the Corvin Department Store in 1943 (Hungary)
We think the white georgette embroidered apron is a nice way for Kate to let the people of England know she will never forget her “humble” roots.

Back-up celebrity: Jessica Simpson (we hear she’s on the lookout for a low-cut dress, which for the 40s this was).

Artist/Maker: Victor Edelstein, 1987 (Great Britain)
Newsweek recently stated: “In a world gone to hell – thank God, a wedding.” We couldn’t agree more. This a gift to the world, so lets put a bow on it (see: enormous bow above).

Back-up celebrity: Amy Adams (lest we forget her princess flair).

Artist/Maker: Jacques Fath, 1954 (Paris)
This dress was made out of the “wrong side of the material” for Lady Alexandra Howard-Johnston’s second marriage. According to Lady Alexandra, “the colour of the right side did not suit me.” We think this daring (yet still-classy) ensemble is perfect for England’s most “unconventional” royal wedding to date.

Back-up celebrity: We’ve heard wedding rumors for years now, so if Brangelina ever decide to tie the knot, we nominate this one for Angie (a throwback to their vintage W spread, where we first saw the couple’s veiled chemistry).

Artist/Maker: Joe Casely-Hayford, 1992 (England)
Formerly a designer for the rockers, Casely-Hayford created this deliberately “anti-fashionable” dress for the Liberty department store. And although Kate is anything but anti-fashion, we think this dress is perfect for the future queen of the country that gave us rock ‘n’ roll.

Back-up celebrity: Kate Hudson, with one rocker marriage under her belt and another to come.

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