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Linked Up: on Japan

Those of us with family and friends in Japan feel quite helpless right now. Yesterday, the Guardian reported:

The Japanese government revised the estimated disaster death toll up from 10,000 to 15,000. It confirmed that 5,178 people had died and 2,285 were injured. The number of missing was increased to 8,913 from 7,844. Almost 200,000 households regained electricity, but this left more than 450,000 without power. Approximately 2.5m households still do not have access to water.

This devastation is nothing short of incredible. If you would like to help, please look into these online donation options. Companies like Abenity (partnering with World Vision) and LivingSocial (partnering with American Red Cross) have launched donation matching. If you are a Groupon user, you can also donate to the International Medical Corps directly from your account.

And now: links.

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