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Beauty – Episode 9 – The Oxford Comment

In this, the 9th Oxford Comment, Lauren and Michelle investigate what makes a classic beauty icon, learn about appearance-based discrimination, talk body politics, and discover the threads that tie fashion to beauty.

Featured in this episode:

Headline image credit: The Sleeping Beauty by Edward Burne-Jones, 1890. Public domain via WikiArt.

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  1. Emily Crowley-Wroe

    Ladies – thanks for the ‘Beauty Episode’. Plenty of food for thought and I’ll definately think before I judge myself or anyone else.

  2. Lauren

    We’re so glad you enjoyed it!

  3. matt

    Exploring beauty with a glee clip right before glee has the bad boy chase the fat girl? You ladies must be clued in by the writers or just clairvoyant. either way, well done.

  4. Lauren/Michelle

    Thhhhank you Matt. *bows*

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  6. pacoo

    thanks for the Beauty Episode

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