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Linked Up: Egypt, Dancers, Advertising


Watch the Al Jazeera live stream

Nick Baumann is keeping us updated on what’s happening in Egypt [Mother Jones]

State department spokesman says US wants peaceful change and more freedoms in Egypt. [Al Jazeera]

Friday of Wrath [CNN]

“Egypt unrest” live updates [BBC]

The Guardian’s live updates

Map of Cairo’s “day of wrath” protests [Al Jazeera]

Updates from The Arabist Site is down, look for their news on this page or on Twitter.


This Washington Post photo made me laugh [Buzzfeed]

It’s a dance dance revolution! [Jordan Matter]

A very interesting roundtable with Oscar-nominated actors [THR Network]

People + Words. What more could you want? [NPR]

It’s not like you ‘get’ most New Yorker cartoons anyway [The Monkeys you Ordered]

Some people are very serious about reading [Julian Smith]

I mean, I love messy, fake Mexican food, but… [Food Beast]

Philadelphia Man Shoots Friend for Eating His Cake [AOL News]

Things real people don’t say about advertising

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