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Refudiate – Episode 6 – The Oxford Comment

If you haven’t heard – well, how haven’t you heard? “Refudiate” is the New Oxford American Dictionary‘s 2010 Word of the Year. (And no, that doesn’t mean “refudiate” has been added to the NOAD or any other Oxford dictionary.) In this quickcast, Michelle and Lauren talk with NOAD Senior Lexicographer Christine Lindberg, and take to the streets to see what people think of this special word – or shall we say word blend?

Music by The Ben Daniels Band.

Headline image credit: Bookshelves. CC0 via Pixabay.

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  2. […] A recent addition to ballots across the country were candidates representing and/or supported by the Tea Party. This conservative political movement, noted for its anti-government protests, gained appreciable momentum during 2010, and even inspired the establishment of an alternative movement, the Coffee Party USA. (It’s anybody’s guess which beverage of choice may next emerge into a movement come 2011. Ovaltine, perhaps?) Senior lexicographer Christine A. Lindberg is the principal content editor of Oxford’s American English dictionaries and thesauruses. Part of the original OUP US Dictionaries Program established in Connecticut in 1997, she currently works from her office in the Leatherstocking Region of New York State. Listen to a podcast with her here. […]

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