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Linked Up: Cliff Richard, Garfield, Smartphone Hacking

Kirsty in the UK here, holding the fort while Lauren is off celebrating Thanksgiving. Here are my favourite links of the week. Enjoy, and a Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers.

For those of us less familiar with Thanksgiving, here are two quizzes (an easy one and a difficult one) about the celebration. [BBC News]

“What does it say about modern culture when so many of our pop icons are famous primarily for being someone’s son or daughter?” asks Laurie Penny. [New Statesman]

Charlie Brooker on distracting ourselves from the economy. [The Guardian]

I heart Garfield Minus Garfield. [Garfield Minus Garfield]

A BBC journalist finds out how easy it is to hack a smartphone. [dot.Rory]

A selection of photos found in second-hand books. [The Age of Uncertainty]

Cat vs. Alligator. [Yahoo News]

Cliff Richard: hunk? [Daily Telegraph]

Student demos in the age of Twitter. [The Guardian]

Things I wish my phone did. [gapingvoid]

London mapped on gloves. [Londonist]

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