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Linked Up: Billy Collins, Time Lapse Construction, Cat Island

This week I decided not to make the interns do my work. Here’s a Linked Up with lots of videos and pictures. (Yippee!)

This is a video of a 3-year-old reciting Billy Collins’ “Litany” from memory and no I’m not kidding. [YouTube]

If bio class made you squeamish… [Make]

Ta-dah: the 10 most followed people on Twitter who aren’t celebrities. [Business Insider]

This is some groundbreaking video work. [Guggenheim]

Wanna see a 150-story hotel built in 2:12 minutes? Of course you do! [Gizmodo]

25 Pictures Of Cats And Dogs Photobombing Each Other [Buzzfeed]

Sigh. City living “can affect the brain’s ability to focus…manage self-control.” [Harvard Med]

A Korean artist is making children’s drawings a reality. [Dumage]

Let’s do the flamingo! [Animal NY]

Cat. Island. [Tofugu]

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