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Linked Up: Comic Con, Neon Signs, Phonebook Art

Today’s poem is brought to you by Random.

Haikus are easy

But sometimes they don’t make sense


Here are some other things that amused me.

Last week at Comic Con, Michelle and I met the guy who made this winning Steampunk Iron Man costume! [Agent M]

Hey Philadelphia! Hollerado’s single-take music video for “Americanarama.” [YouTube]

Have books? Then you need bookshelves. 35 of them. 35 awesome, incredible bookshelves. [Francesco Mugnai]

Your Ad Here. (Hopefully not.) [eConsultancy]

Gritty, gorgeous photos of broken neon signs. [Slate]

Crochet animal sculptures. Heck yes I said it! [My Modern Met]

If you’re an unknown band trying to gain popularity, this is not the way to do it. [AV Club]

You know what’s cool?

How far will your dollar go? These photos will show you. [Jonathan Blaustein]

Phonebook art! [Inventor Spot]

Recent Comments

  1. Sarah

    Lovely haiku. Here is one for you:

    I love Friday, yes!
    Truly, I do not jest.
    Want ice cream?

  2. Lauren

    I ASKED if you wanted ice cream and you wouldn’t go with me!

  3. Margitte

    UGH this post was so awesome I had to spend over a half an hour with Joe looking at every single link! WAY TO HELP ME PROCRASTINATE, LAUREN.

    p.s. the bookshelves made me want to quit grad school and take up book-reading as my full-time occupation. I LOVE BOOK SO MUCH IT HURTS.

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