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Did you catch the premiere of The Oxford Comment?

Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce that it has finally launched – we now have a podcast! It’s called The Oxford Comment (get it?) and each episode we’ll talk to people smarter than us in hopes that it rubs off.

Our loyal subscribers got a sneak peek a few days ago, but now The Oxford Comment is available to all. There are several ways to get this podcast. You can:

In this first episode, we talk to Benjamin Carp about the drinking habits of the Founding Fathers and visit brewmaster Garrett Oliver at the Brooklyn Brewery. Let us know what you think! This has been a collaborative effort with many, many people, and we welcome your feedback with the most open of arms. Write to us in the comments section below or at [email protected], give us a shout on Twitter, or review us on iTunes.

Special thanks to Paul Harrington, Max Sinsheimer, Grace Labatt, Pat Mack, Bill Murphy, Charles Hodgson, “Jon,” and the Super-Secret-Listening-Focus-Group-Club.

And an extra-special thanks to the Ben Daniels Band for making great music… and letting us use it. We encourage you all to check them out on Facebook.

Headline image credit: Microphone. CC0 via Pixabay.

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