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Linked Up: UK Edition

Kirsty here from a sunny (for once) Oxford. Lauren has let me loose on the linked up, so behold! Linked Up: UK Edition!

Places you really shouldn’t have spelling mistakes #275: road signs. [BBC]

Tony Blair’s autobiography… in just 818 words! [The Guardian]

Scotland’s Makar (or National Poet), Edwin Morgan, died recently at the age of 90. Here are some of the things we learned from him. [Creative Boom Edinburgh]

What’s the best poem about the British countryside? [The Independent]

9.2 million adults in Britain have never been online, apparently. [Derren Brown]

Sex education, STIs, and politicians make a toxic combination.” [Dr Evan Harris]

Musings on the Oxford comma. [Quercus Blog]

Why would adults want to play with water pistols? [BBC]

What’s so great about Jonathan Franzen? [The Telegraph]

Oh, for font’s sake. [The Bookseller]

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