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Linked Up: Kittens, Tattoos, Pop-Up Books

Today is Friday the 13th AND Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday (1899) AND Fidel Castro’s birthday (1926) AND William Goldman’s birthday (1931) (y’know, he wrote The Princess Bride)  AND Annie Oakley’s birthday (1860). Craz-ay. Here are some other tidbits I found amusing.

A kitten! (Sorry, it was time I posted a cat video link.) [Next Web]

How you trick a chipmunk into posing with Darth Vader. [Gizmodo]

This is a pretty awesome staircase. [Bookshelf Porn]

I’m thinking about going with the tattoo at the top of this page. Thoughts? [Paste]

These Egyptian commercials are hysterical. [YouTube]

Every week, you have the chance to do some good for yourself and get a reward. [Bolder]

So…you’re saying if I get rid of my nesting doll collection, I’ll be happier? [NYTimes]

A warning for all you leisure bloggers. [Married to the Sea.]

French scientists are working really hard…to show us how to pour champagne. [Daily Mail]

Gasp! Study finds pop-up books are lackluster learning tools. [GalleyCat]

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