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Linked Up: Speedos, Underwear, Insults

The heat wave! It broke! Now it’s only…in the high 80’s!

It was very hard to focus this week when all we New Yorkers could do was sweat, and complain about the garbage smells, and whine about how it was only 67° in Los Angeles. Other than that, though, I had a fabulous week. I learned about Meg Cabot’s crush on Michael Nourri, tweeted about #DraculaOnTwitter, and publicly embarrassed our new assistants, so I’m pretty darned pleased with myself. Below are some other things that kept me distracted from the heat.

Speedo art. ‘Nough said.

You should call this octopus for help with your next sports bracket.

Sandwich IN A CAN!

Hey mom! Guess who’s still not gonna make her bed? (Hint: me.)

Ah, the power of the sun

Did you celebrate your 10th birthday by putting on 215 pairs of underwear?

The funniest video I’ve watched all week. The second funniest video I’ve watched all week. (Yes, one of them is about the KFC Doublicious.) And now both of them are followed up by this one.

A call for one month of abstinence.

The most creative press release ever?

Insult after insult after insult after insult after insult….

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