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Friday procrastination: link love – bankruptcy, Pinocchio paradoxes and Bob Dylan

Happy Friday to everyone.  It has been such a busy week it is hard to believe the weekend is here already!  Don’t fret though, I have still found time to find you some quality procrastination.  Enjoy the links below and have a great weekend.

The ten biggest bankruptcies in history.

A mix-tape for word nerds (that means you my dear reader!)

Book sales for 2009.

Did you feel a little funny on Monday?  There was a good reason.

Journalism versus the U.N. Security council?

Do you live in NYC?  Do you love poetry?  Well the American Academy of Poets have mixed up something special for you.

A New Jersey family that reads and blogs together.

China blocks Bob Dylan.

Your email is not protected by the forth amendment, here is why.

The Tournament of Books crowns Wolf Hall.

The Pinocchio Paradox.

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