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Baby Names: Nature

In the spirit of the spring-like weather here in NYC this week, and the book Babies’ Names landing on my desk, I thought I would share this fun list of names derived from or associated with flowers, trees and other plants.  May there be lots of babies born this year that remind us of 9780199563425spring all year long!  In addition to this list of names from the thematic index, the book contains over 2,500 first names with their origins and usage, invaluable guidance on naming your baby, how to find names, how to create your own name and fully updated tables of most popular names by year and by region. Babies’ Names is edited by Patrick Hanks, a lexicographer and linguistic researcher for over twenty-five years. He was Chief Editor for Current English Dictionaries at Oxford University Press, and is now a visiting professor at the University of the West of England in Bristol and the Charles University in Prague.

Anthea Fern Lauren Poppy
Azalea Fleur Lavender Posy
Blathnat Flora Leaf Primrose
Blodwedd Hazel Lilac Prunella
Blodwen Heather Lily Rose
Blossom Holly Linden Rosemary
Briar Honesty Marguerite Rowan
Bryony Hyacinth Marigold Sharon
Cherry Iris May Sorrel
Clematis Ivy Myrtle Tansy
Dahlia Jasmine Nigella Viola
Daisy Jonquil Olive Violet
Daphne Juniper Pansy Willow
Eirlys Larch Petal

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