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Place of the Year Contest Winners Announced!

Michelle Rafferty, Publicity Assistant

During our “Place of the Year” celebration we challenged all former Carmen Sandiego gumshoes to a South African geography challenge. The winners and answers are announced below.  Thanks again to the prize contributions from our friends at DK Publishing. You can check out a compilation of our “Place of the Year” posts here.

(And for anyone fighting a case of mid afternoon cubicle blues, try a “Do it, Rockapella!” fist pump. It feels so good.)

Congratulations to…

First place: Steven Lee, winning  Oxford Atlas of the World, 16th Edition

Second place: Erica Wong, winning The Rough Guide to South Africa 5 and Top 10 Cape Town & the Winelands

Third place: Katy Petershack, winning South Africa: DK Eyewitness Travel Guide

Quiz Answers:

1. South Africa has how many official languages?
c. 2

2. South Africa has a nickname, what is it?
a. The Rainbow Nation
b. The Divided Nation
c. New Africa
d. The Continent’s Capital
e. The Second Africa

3. True or False: South Africa is roughly 3 times the size of Texas.
False, South Africa is roughly twice the size of Texas.

4. How many capital cities does South Africa have?
a. 1
b. 4
c. 3 (Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Pretoria)
d. None
e. 5

5. South Africa has coastlines on which two major bodies of water?
a. The Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans
b. The Indian and the Atlantic Oceans
c. The Pacific and the Southern Ocean
d. The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
e. The Southern Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

6. Who, or what, are “The Big Five”?
a. A group of influential political Afrikaner leaders
b. The five major African tribes found in South Africa
c. The five symptoms of malaria
d. The nickname for five of Africa’s greatest wild animals (Elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, and buffalo)
e. The five driest months of the year

7. South Africa’s population has increased by 5 million people in the last year. What is the current population of South Africa?
b. 40,491,000
c. 21,129,000
d. 52,476,000
e. 40,218,000

8. True or False: South Africa has more people infected with the HIV virus than any other country.

9. Who was elected president of South Africa in 2009?
a. Thabo Mbeki
b. Nelson Mandela
c. Frederik Willem de Klerk
d. Jacob Zuma
e. Kgalema Motlanthe

10. Ke Nako. Celebrate Africa’s Humanity is the official slogan for the South Africa Fifa 2010 World Cup. What does Ke Nako mean?
a. A time to make friends
b. It’s time
c. Let friendship shine
d. Be a good sport
e. Let’s be friends

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