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Riddle Me That, Riddle Me This…

Gordon Thompson is Professor of Music at Skidmore College. His book, Please Please Me: Sixties British Pop, Inside Out, offers an insider’s view of the British pop-music recording industry. Below is a hint to a musical riddle.  His introduction is below and be sure to check back tomorrow for the answer.  Feel free to guess the answer in the comments.

Day One: The Riddle

British pop music resounded around the globe in the sixties, expanding American consciousness of the musical world outside of its borders and providing adolescents with a vehicle by which they could define an identity unique from their parents. For this month’s riddle, I’ll give you the additional clue that, as with my earlier blog entries, this riddle celebrates an anniversary.
Here are your riddle clues…

Riddle me that, riddle me this; can you tell me what it is?
Was not born in Leicester Square; nevertheless, the square was there.
Did not start out as a star; still a nocturnal sun is tougher by far.
Not that parent’s parent, but very mean; Fred came off as very clean.
Did not need to take a tram; a Welsh transplant saw through the glam.

Recent Comments

  1. Molly Broder

    ‘I’m Telling You Now’ that I think it is Freddie Garrity, Gord. Am I right?

  2. Molly Broder

    Oh, right, the anniversary celebration….50 years since Freddie garrity founded Freddie and the Dreamers.

  3. Gordon


    Not quite. Our blog editor, Becca has included an unintentional clue on the page.

    You still have time.


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