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Friday procrastination: link love – Dan Brown, Harry Potter and Vladmir Nabokov

by Cassie, Publicity

Hey everyone! Hope all our U.S. readers had a lovely Fourth of July weekend. I spent mine (mostly) watching British television, but I came up for air long enough to see the new Transformers movie, which had explosions enough to replace the fireworks I missed. With the holiday I took on Monday, this week is fairly short, but I’ve still crammed in a good bit of reading. So here are some great links to keep you entertained this Friday. Have a great weekend!

Murdoch’s News Group has been getting into trouble in the UK for phone hacking and buying illegal data.

The Atlantic looks at literary icons and their first novel flops. Will the current publishing model mean we’ll miss the next Faulkner?

Orbit wants you to help them come up with ideas for the worst sci fi novel cover EVER. Truly, that’s going to take some work (and I say that as a devoted sci fi fan).

More Harry Potter clips! I can’t wait for this movie.

A scientific wager that won’t be decided until 2029.

Playboy bought the serial rights to an unpublished work by Vladmir Nabokov.

Doubleday has revealed the cover of the new Dan Brown book. What do you think of it?

Soon, there may be a pill that will extend human life. Can’t I just have a robot body?

Can’t decide on new search engine Bing vs. the familiar Google? Try this site to compare them side-by-side.

After more than forty years, Oxford’s new Thesaurus is finally publishing this Fall!

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